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Airotreat provides the best Industrial Air Quality Management System

The quality of the air we breathe plays a significant role when it comes to our well-being and health. At work place, the air quality is affected by a variety of factors. Working environments may be negatively impacted by air pollution from manufacturing processes or weather factors or simply being in an enclosed place with other inhabitants. This can affect employees’ health, efficiency, and productivity in addition to the chronic health issues.

More importantly, many modern manufacturing processes are designed to be held at precise environmental conditions. For example, in pharmaceutical industry and in semiconductor manufacturing, it is imperative to control the humidity in the manufacturing plant for maintaining the top-quality products. With Airotreat’s air quality management system, you will be able to monitor various environmental parameters and maintain them at the desired level all time.

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Expert Air Management Solutions: Trust Airotreat for Professional Services

Our product line includes Desiccant and Refrigerant Dehumidifiers, AHUs, Dedicated AHUs for Swimming Pools, Dust Collectors, Air Purification Systems, Ultrasonic Humidifiers, Cooling Towers, Cryogenic tanks for Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Nitrogen, and Liquid Co2, Industrial Vaporizers, Evaporative Condensing Units, Extract Fans, Heavy Duty Air Curtains, Cold Room Door Controls, and Filters.

Healthcare Sector

Healthcare Sector

Indoor air quality is crucial in Healthcare Sector, be it Operation theatre, Rooms or Post-operative ward.

Industrial Air Treatement

Industrial Air Treatement

Our solution can provide a clean atmosphere required for your delicate manufacturing processes.

Food Industry

Food Industry

Airotreat provides quality air management systems across food processing industry.

Years of experience in humidity and dampness control

Manufacturers often struggle to maintain consistent moisture in the plant due to the extremely varying weather conditions. Climate control plays a vital role in the production, storage and transportation of numerous products. Humidity is one of the critical factors of climate control, as excessive humidity can lead to serious quality issues in precision manufacturing industries. Dehumidification of air can be accomplished by absorption of the moisture in a dehumidifier. A good dehumidification system also helps in removing odour, moisture control and controlling the growth of micro-organisms and mould.

Industrial dehumidifiers are widely used within the food industry, where excess humidity causes condensation and a broad range of hygiene problems for products such as powder, spices, processed meat, snacks and confectionery products. The dry air from a dehumidifier can control the moisture content, which leads to longer shelf life of the food products.

During the processing stage of pharmaceuticals, most medicines are in powdered form and are highly hygroscopic. Excess moisture absorption leads to organic corrosion, biochemical reactions and micro-organism growth on the product. Dehumidifiers helps to keep the required humidity parameters for processing, drying, storing and transportation of medicines.

 Airotreat has immense experience in effective humidity control, which is essential in industrial environments supporting optimum performance of manufacturing processes in highly sensitive semiconductor manufacturing and pharmaceutical industry.

Bespoke Solutions to address your specific HVAC problems

The location, environmental conditions and performance requirements for air handling systems are always unique. We have designed and installed bespoke AHUs- air handling units, ventilation units, dehumidifiers, air curtains, heating units and air conditioning units over the years and continue to create the most cost effective and energy efficient air handling solutions.

We supply custom built air handling units to meet the most rigorous commercial and industrial standards, in the some of the most confined and problematic locations, whilst continuing to push the boundaries of capability, design and performance.

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