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Cold Rooms and Moisture- Are They Really Friends?

Cold rooms and warehousing solutions are playing a key role in food preservation and food supply, Generally Cold rooms comes under deferent temperature zone for dry, chiller and freezer storages.

Some fruits and vegetables indeed some higher humidity levels for long term storage where Humidifier coming into picture. However mostly Cold rooms are suffering from Moisture ingress, which results wet slippery floors, ice build-up on Fan Coil Units, Cold room walls and doors, foggy Corridors and Loading bays etc.

Moist air always tends to move and hide colder areas,  ambient air infiltrates to loading bay, then through corridor it reaches the minus degree freezer rooms. There it creates wet slippery floors, Foggy atmosphere and condensation issues on loading bay and corridor, ice build-up on FCUs, Walls, Doors and Cartoon damages at freezer rooms.

All this moisture issues resulting frequent ice removals, floor cleaning, frequent defrosting cycles which all affects higher labour cost and Electricity bills.

In order to keep your cold room neat and clean, with remarkable savings on your electricity cheques month after month, we at Airotreat offers Corridor and loading bay dehumidification along with Industrial grade Air curtains which act as real thermal barriers between warmer and colder air zones. Our solutions keep your cold rooms neat, clean and hygiene, and you can see remarkable savings on your electricity cheques year after year. Kindly feel free to contact us for further details.

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